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Matt Moriarity

March 2018

I keep these headphones around just so I can watch movies on planes.

I really liked the old Roseanne show, but I think I’m gonna skip it this time around. I’m really uncomfortable giving ground to the idea that aligning with Trumpism is an acceptable political difference.

I really liked Isle of Dogs. I need more movies with good dogs being good.

Hmm…I wonder if this really long build I’m waiting on would go faster if I actually plugged in the laptop.

The temptation to mess with the HomeKit devices while I’m traveling for work is very strong. 👻

My hotel room is on the opposite side from my past stays and I feel so turned around.

Oh no trying to git pull our big-ass repo from hotel WiFi. I don’t have this kind of patience.

Like many, I have fond memories of “old Facebook,” but it’s worth considering that Facebook as a company has always been problematic. It just used to also make us happy, so we didn’t think too much about it.

I’m occasionally tempted to email my non-remote teammates to let them know that I’m working from home today.

Just realized I’ve been paying for an unused EC2 instance every month. That feels dumb.

Our HDMI switcher was acting up today, and then it stopped working completely and started producing smoke. So I guess I need a new one.

I really want to fix something today, but everything I try to look into doesn’t want to reproduce for me.

It’s weird how American culture worships billionaires when we really should be terrified of them. Nobody should have the power that comes from that disproportionate wealth.

I just discovered that none of my iPhone’s content blocker apps were actually enabled. The web is about to get a lot more tolerable.

Apparently I’ve been running my VPS without backups for the last…year and a half? I forgot to set it up when I rebuilt the server. So that’s bad. I’ve finally corrected that. Thanks Tarsnap! ❤️

I’ve been waiting to upgrade my ErgoDox keycaps to a set that really called out to me, and I think I’ve finally found it! Looking forward to these Scrabble keycaps!

It’s been just over a year with the Nintendo Switch. What a winner! They clearly learned from what made the Wii U struggle, and they came back and made something incredible.

Listening to my favorites mix in Apple Music, I think “oh dang, this song is so good. I should ‘love’ it so it shows up in my favorites.” 🤦‍♂️ maybe I need more coffee.

Slow cooker chili!

I love starting the day knowing that dinner is already taken care of.

I wrote some AppleScript today. Script Debugger 7 is pretty nice.

Oh no I’m writing DispatchQueue.main.sync { ... } please send help.

The most effective way to make your builds faster (and your cycles shorter) is for the build to do less work!

Keep your components small, and try to isolate them based on locality of change. That is: organize components so that most changes affect as few components as possible.

Another day, another crash caused by using Swift to talk to an ObjC framework with no nullability annotations.

Maybe I’m just upset right now, but implicitly unwrapped optionals feel like they were a mistake.

I feel like it should be possible to tag functions with a label for what thread(s) it should be run on. I want a type checker for threading based on these annotations. It’s also very handy documentation.

Messing around with a toy project in Rails and it’s reminding me how much I love working in Ruby.

Code review advice: keep your diffs short!

Small changesets get reviewed more quickly and the feedback is usually higher quality.

The longer the diff, the more it’s getting skimmed instead of understood. You don’t want that.

We brought home the dogs this morning. I can’t believe how happy they were to see us! We missed them so much.

I don’t think I ever really got used to Rails 3. I’m still writing script/generate on all my checks.

Our hotel room isn’t available, so I guess it’s a good time to see Black Panther!

I thought I had done such a good job of packing.

Nope, left my suit at home.

Attending a friend’s wedding for the first time this weekend. R and I married pretty young, so it’s taken some time for friends to start doing it too.