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Matt Moriarity

July 2018

Rewatching Arrival and it only took two minutes to make me teary-eyed.

In a perpetual state of disappointment that at any given time, Slack is using over 1G of RAM on my computer. It just owns that slice.

I apparently need a hot plate or something just to keep my morning coffee hot. I’m too easily distracted to finish it reliably.

I spent all day fiddling with tools like Swagger that generate code for API clients based on a description. In the end, I’m just frustrated, and I probably could have just written the client by hand in that time and been a lot happier at the end of the day.

Can you imagine if libraries didn’t already exist and you were trying to push a bill for them through Congress now? Or public schools? Or basically any public service? Makes me thankful for what we already have and wonder what we could have if we embraced public goods.

I bought a new mech keyboard kit months ago. The board arrived last week, but I forgot to ever order a case for it. Now I need to wait for that to arrive before I can do any soldering. Whoops!

When I bike to the coffee shop, I need to wait like an hour before I even cool down enough to want coffee. Austin is very hot!

Oh my god Heroku is so underrated as a product. I just ditched App Engine because I can already tell the cost is gonna be too much, but I’m thrilled at how easy it was to migrate over. No hassle at all and deploys are way quicker!

I’ve succesfully deployed two App Engine microservices that talk to each other. What do I win?

We spent the night playing through What Remains of Edith Finch. That game is a masterpiece and now I have no idea what to do with my emotions.

I stickerbombed my Ergodox, now it looks fly as hell! Thanks to @travisci and @copyconstruct for the stickers!

I can’t even manage to get my tiny App Engine app to do something as basic as connect to a PostgreSQL database. This is pretty damn discouraging.

Based on my initial research, Google App Engine does not have a simple way to set production secrets for your app. My options are do something unsafe/risky or introduce more complexity than I want for a little microservice.

Finally paid to turn off the Special Offers on my Kindle. The breaking point was when it advertised a book about making quick money writing on the blockchain.

Rewatching Thor: Ragnarok. This movie might be even better than I remembered. My favorite Marvel movie.

The AeroPress coffee is much stronger than what I was making before. I really need a lot less of this than I used to. It can actually make me feel jittery, which almost never happens to me.

I think someone at Apple may have forgotton to un-DMG the beta 3 build before releasing it. Downloads page is showing beta 2 for me still, they may have pulled it.

Just made my first cup of coffee with an AeroPress. I’ve always used a french press, but lately I’ve been making single cups so much that the french press is really inefficient. AeroPress shines at single cups. Clean up is also way easier than the french press.

Finished reading: The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi, ISBN: 9780765354068