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Matt Moriarity

October 2018

Apparently today’s the day I try to figure out if I can bring up my own Kubernetes cluster from scratch. I’m terrified.

I started going through the Elixir tutorial last night. This is a very cool language with interesting ideas. Processes seem like a really cool way to model state.

Is it just me or are the Archie plots in Riverdale always the worst?

Never in my life would I have predicted that Elon Musk would go this far off the rails. You couldn’t write this into a TV show and have it be even remotely believable.

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Just finished my mission of finishing every single shrine in Breath of the Wild!

Destroying those first two things is half the point of single payer; it’s a feature!

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A big gap in Swift right now is I/O. Seems like there should be a good protocol-based solution for it, but it’s not there right now: everything is in Foundation, and it doesn’t feel super-Swifty.

Got my Scrabble keycaps and they look amazing. Once I’m less sick, I’ll take a good picture and post it.

GitHub Universe did totally get me sick, so I’m going to have to be sick on a plane and that sounds like no fun.

It’s been an awesome few days getting to hang out with my fellow builders at GitHub Universe!

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Apparently AirBnB’s frontend auth service is called “Hunter2” and that is just 👌

If you’re at GitHub Universe, stop by the Travis CI lounge and say hi!

Okay how do I merge cells in NSGridView in Interface Builder? The option is always grayed out. I’m admitting defeat, please help.

This new twenty one pilots album is really good, and only getting better with more listens.

I’m slowly but surely cobbling together a Fastlane setup for distributing a Mac app on Travis CI. Learning many lessons along the way. This is really painful, though: there’s a lot of opportunity to make this so much easier.

I had no idea how few resources are out there for distributing Mac apps in a CI/CD workflow. Everything is for iOS!

It seems to be completely random whether Ctrl-C in docker-compose will (a) stop the containers, (b) kill the containers, or (c) abort docker-compose entirely. Wat?

Muffins are just getting away with eating literal cake for breakfast.

I don’t really have anything to add. Please vote next month, it’s literally the least we can do.

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Taking good care of yourself is surprisingly challenging sometimes.

Using Stripe Checkout in an Elm 0.19 App

I’m currently working on a web project whose frontend is written in Elm. The project uses Stripe for handling payments. I ❤️ Stripe: it makes billing much easier for me and lets me mostly focus on the more unique aspects of the project.

For now, I’m using Stripe Checkout, the simplest way to get payment details into Stripe. With Stripe Checkout, Stripe’s JavaScript creates the form for getting payment details from the user, and it shows that form in a modal window over your page. When the user submits the form, it talks to Stripe, gives you a token representing the payment details, and sends that to an endpoint on your server.

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Finished Ancillary Sword the other day and I gotta say it was way more exciting than Ancillary Justice. That world and it’s characters took an entire book to warm up, and then book 2 got to be this amazing thrill ride. Loved it!

How I fixed my Apache SSL redirect

Today, I finally fixed a longstanding issue with this website. I figured it would be a good idea to document it since I could not find this solution in any of my Googling to try to figure out what was wrong.

mattmoriarity.com is canonically served over SSL, but it’s supposed to have a redirect from plain HTTP URLs to the corresponding HTTPS URL. For a long time now, if you went to http://mattmoriarity.com, instead of getting redirected, you would get a nice big 403 Forbidden error from my Apache server.

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I forgot how obnoxious Andy is on The Office when he’s introduced to the show.

I can’t imagine being an educator right now trying to teach kids about checks and balances like that’s a real thing we actually have in this country and not pure fantasy to help us sleep at night.

Every single app uses way too much memory. All of them. Every single one.

Feeling pretty bad at computers when I can’t even make Go copy a file correctly.

Update: Turns out that Go puts the arguments to copy with the destination first. Since Files are readers and writers, getting them backwards is not a type error.

Oh no! Elm 0.19 automatically converts script tags to p tags in its virtual DOM, which totally broke my Stripe Checkout button. I don’t see a way around it, so I think I have to switch to using ports and Stripe.js for the payment form.

It took me half a day but I managed to upgrade my Elm app to Elm 0.19. I had to ditch some dependencies along the way, but honestly it’s better for it in the end.