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Matt Moriarity

November 2018

We brought our Switch with its dock to my family’s place for Thanksgiving and it wouldn’t power the console or show on TV anymore. Brought it home and still no luck. Solution: replace off-brand AC adapter with official one! (I had lost it somewhere before)

Amazon is doing some exciting stuff with AWS right now. reInvent announcements have me all jazzed up.

Oh wow, this is even more exciting than having Ruby!

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Sad that Ruby is not a supported language on AWS Lambda, but I guess I’m learning TypeScript now so that’s cool.

Spent the day converting a small Slack bot from Kubeless+PostgreSQL to AWS Lambda and DynamoDB. I like it a lot! And it’s going to be super cheap to run. I see more Lambda in my future.

AWS Lambda seems crazy cheap, especially for small projects that don’t get many requests. The free tier is very generous.

Watching live TV at my parents’ house with commercials and everything. It is grim out there! Is the world okay???

I just discovered Kubeless and now I am much more interested in serverless than before. Very cool to be able to just deploy functions quickly onto a cluster. This could make for some fun toy projects.

Come work with me on Travis CI’s Mac infrastructure!

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It’s gotten much harder to get out of bed in the morning because it’s so dang cold now!

It is taking some very deliberate effort to not spend time on work projects this weekend. I haven’t been this engaged with my job in a long time.

Patriot season 2 is here! This is one of my favorite shows ever. It’s so weird in the best ways. There is nothing quite like it on TV.

And now we stand in line to vote. Gotta do my part to get Ted Cruz out of office!