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Matt Moriarity

September 2019

My wife and I were out to lunch and overheard a mom casually say that of course she reads all her fifth grader’s texts, so that was a huge bummer.

I thought I was gonna have to build something like this myself but it turns out it’s just there in Git itself!

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It’s wild how much goodwill Chef is willing to throw away for the sake of their ICE contract.

The new people shortcuts on the iOS 13 share sheet have made it a whole lot easier for me to send my wife really dumb memes.

Got a notice the other day that my lawn is so shitty it’s illegal and I better fix it or go to court. Apparently that’s what it takes to get me to get out the lawnmower.

(It’s really not that bad, they’re just fussy)

I really like the swipey keyboard on iOS 13. The only thing getting in the way of me using it more is remembering the feature exists.

I installed iOS 13. I know it’s buggy but I held out the whole beta, just couldn’t hold out anymore.

Just wasted a night trying to make stuff work with SwiftUI that would be absolutely trivial with UIKit. I love the concept for SwiftUI, and I don’t even think it’s bad that Apple released it now, but it definitely needs to bake some more.

iOS development has come a long way since I last did it seriously (around iOS 8). There’s so much good stuff in the SDK, especially in iOS 13, that’s making it really easy for me to make a quality app. I’m really excited about it.

I’m playing through A Link to the Past on my Switch since I don’t think I ever completed it before (or got all that far even). I just gotta say…it’s kinda kicking my ass!

As significant and influential as Stallman’s projects have been to the tech world, I have to think we’d have been better off having the contributions of all the folks (esp. non-men) that we’re discouraged from tech by his presence.

Same for any other “brilliant jerks.” 🙄

This morning, I ate a whole Waffle House All-Star Breakfast for the first time in years. I’m still not sure if this was a good or bad decision.

He didn’t get to be the richest man in the world by compensating his workers fairly.

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This is a really interesting thread about the whole Epstein funding the MIT Media Lab thing and its effect on the direction of science as a whole.

A sick day is a good day to rewatch Into the Spiderverse and be reminded how much that movie rocks.

I’m like 3/4 of the way through The Rise of Kyoshi and it is extremely good.

My dog play fights with the other dog by whipping his butt in her face. I feel like humans haven’t explored this style of combat enough.

I started a new iOS app project this weekend, and I’ve been reminded that UIKit is actually still really nice to work in.