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Matt Moriarity

October 2019

I tried to build this kind of character in my first Pathfinder campaign (a “Demagogue” bard) but it turns out I was incredibly bad at role playing it. People should do it more, though.

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I think Combine and diffable data sources might finally unlock MVVM as an actually usable model for UIKit apps.

Kim is great, and so is this talk of hers from DevOpsDays in Denver earlier this year. So much useful advice on how to grow new engineers and support them.

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Twitterrific changed the navigation gesture to dismiss tweets in iOS 13, and the new one is better and more reliable, but apparently my muscle memory for this gesture does not let go easily.

Can’t really argue with anything in this article.

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Share Menus with Mac Catalyst

I’ve been working on porting a new iOS app to the Mac using Catalyst. Part of my app uses UIActivityViewController to support sharing projects you create in the app via a public URL. I had trouble finding good resources about how to make share menus first-class in Catalyst, so I thought I would write up what I found from digging through API docs.

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I named the new WiFi network “Shrimp Heaven Now” and I feel its power throughout the house.

In the newest Adventure Zone, Justin made an I Think You Should Leave reference and it delighted me.

Opening mail can be surprisingly intimidating with ADHD. Austin has a few toll roads, so when we lived there, there were many times where I paid late fees just because it took me so long to finally open and pay the bill.

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My coffee grinder broke yesterday, and my wife had the car, so I missed my normal afternoon coffee.

And that’s how I ended up tired and going to sleep at 9PM.

Is there a way in Catalyst to update the main menu bar after app launch? If I want to include dynamic content in a menu, I can’t seem to find how I would ever update it when the content changes.

I’m porting an iOS app to Mac with Catalyst. While there’s a bunch of things that could be easier or better documented, overall it’s really fun and exciting to get to a pretty decent app so fast.

I haven’t been sure how to talk about this, but here goes: it’s been about two months since I started getting treated for adult ADHD. Still trying to find what helps best, but it’s so validating to have a professional confirm what I’ve suspected for about a year.

I would have upgraded to iOS 13 just for the new indicator when you change the volume.

I’m usually a pretty early riser these days but this cold weather is making it much harder to want to get out of bed.

12 years passed between Python announcing they were sunsetting Python 2 and it actually happening. That is an amount of patience I’m pretty sure I’m physically incapable of exercising.

Might need to buy a humidifier. I’m getting really tired of waking up a dried husk of a person every single morning now that Denver winter is starting.

TFW you’ve been working really hard to solve a challenging problem and you’re making good progress and then you discover a huge blocker. 😭

The grass outside is crunchy and I’m not feeling it. I’m so not ready for it to be winter yet.

I still can’t believe as a kid I thought bedbugs weren’t real, then grew up to find out that not only are they real, they are so much scarier than my kid self could ever have imagined.

I…seriously? That’s how you’re gonna try to spin this?

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