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Matt Moriarity

August 2020

Relay.swift has a new home on GitHub. It's now part of the relay-tools organization! I hope this will make it easier for folks to discover.

Oh look, all cops are still bastards. Jacob Blake did not deserve to die. The police are still a corrupt institution causing significantly more harm than good.

I wonder what it would take for the US to have a real left-wing political party.

Made myself a really good bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich this morning. Take days off if you can, it rules.

I just replaced my broken garbage disposal by myself! It seems like something should have gone wrong, like when you write some new code and it works on the first try.

I was so close to having lunch at a reasonable time but then I had not one but two GrubHub orders get canceled on me. So now I'm eating Arby's at 1:40pm.