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Crossposting from a blog to Twitter is not a novel concept. I’m certain there are many things like it, but this one is mine.

When I started this site, I tried many different plugins and services to automate crossposting. Most of them assumed you have a normal blog where posts have titles, but you may have noticed that there are very few of those on here. Most of what I write are tweet-style posts, which ideally would be posted to Twitter mostly as-is, as though I had written them for Twitter first.

The closest thing I found to doing what I want is the $2/month crossposting service from Micro.blog. Given that it’s designed for microblogs, it makes sense that it does a much better job with titleless tweet-like posts. But I guess I’m particular, and I still found situations where I didn’t like how it translated something.

I wanted something that had opinions on how tweets should be formatted and could take what I wrote on here and make it make sense for Twitter. That’s what Courier is. I think it does a good enough job that most of my followers don’t even realize that I post here first.