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Hear me out: Instagram but only animals are allowed to have accounts.

I got my flu shot in my right arm and it feels fine, but my left arm feels sore???

I really didn't think it would come to this, but I've installed Kubernetes on the Raspberry Pi.

I just finished my rewatch of Avatar: The Last Airbender so I'm an emotional mess, but in a good way.

Saw an iPhone 12 ad that showed the cell icon showing "5G UW" and all I thought was "5G UwU."

Is this anything?

You ever demolish a big ol' burrito, then a few minutes go by and you realize the burrito actually demolished you?

I think I would like Bazel a lot more if it could figure out how to not have to recompile the Protobuf compiler from scratch every couple minutes.

I've now gotten to the final fight in Hades twice but I've been bested both times.

Just ordered a pill bottle cap that tells you how long it's been since you last opened it, because I consistently can't remember if I already took my ADHD meds or not.

So if I didn't manage a PS5 preorder, am I just out of luck until launch day?

I hope everyone is having fun with Among Us. I really wish I enjoyed deception games like that more.

Thinking about streaming a good chunk of my playing of Super Mario 3D All-stars. First stream will be tonight after I make myself dinner.

I've got InfluxDB and Grafana running on my new Raspberry Pi, so now I'm just looking for things to measure and track and put on dashboards.

Back at work after a week off so of course I'm sitting here just waiting for a macOS update to finish installing.

It's tempting to start another save of The Outer Worlds to do a total himbo beefcake character and go for the secret dumb ending.

Just finished The Outer Worlds and got a bit emotional at the closing montage with the impact of all your choices. I really tried to do the right thing at every step, and it felt real good to be told those things mattered to this world.

The Outer Worlds feels like the spiritual successor to Mass Effect 2 I didn't know I needed. All I care about is making my companions happy, they're all precious and I love them.

Does the orange sky mean Hacker News has taken over all of California?

I came mighty close to dropping out of college near the end (I was just over it), but I didn't. If I had to do it over Zoom though? I'd be outta there.

The best bit from The Good Place is still Pillboi addressing Michael and Tahani as "sharks."

The Outer Worlds is pretty good so far, but I'm surprised how low-quality the Switch port is. I know they had to make compromises but I'm pretty sure the Switch is capable of more than this.

I watched the entire first season of Harley Quinn last night. That show is absurdly good, I needed those laughs.

Relay.swift has a new home on GitHub. It's now part of the relay-tools organization! I hope this will make it easier for folks to discover.

Oh look, all cops are still bastards. Jacob Blake did not deserve to die. The police are still a corrupt institution causing significantly more harm than good.

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