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I'm actually really grateful that none of these are my quarantine house.

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I'm finding that I don't really know how to connect with people over distance. I've struggled for a long time to maintain relationships with people I don't see regularly face-to-face, and now interacting over distance is like...the only valid way to interact. It's tough.

I set this up, let's see how long I can tolerate it.

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It can't be a coincidence that I'm having trouble finding pants in Animal Crossing because most of my islanders don't seem to be wearing any either.

I’m blown away by this. I’ve been using no contact deliveries now a fair bit, but I’ve also been tipping more than I usually would because…pandemic!

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This isn’t wrong, and I have no idea how to explain that this is, in fact, fun.

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We watched the Steven Universe movie last night. It was fantastic! So many feelings and so many great songs.

Can someone please just tell me what to buy for my Blue Yeti to let me type on my mechanical keyboard without annoying my coworkers? I keep trying to research but get overwhelmed fast.

It’s actually really easily to believe the accusation against Biden. He has had a reputation for being handsy and touching women inappropriately for a long time, of course it was just the tip of the iceberg. This one isn’t even remotely hard to believe.

I feel like I’m overall coping alright with things right now, except that I’ve woken up with migraines three days this week. Thankfully I have meds for this, but it’s still been rough.

I didn’t get my house yet in Animal Crossing but I did catch a bunch of fish. Blathers isn’t here until tomorrow so my island is covered in aquariums.

If you need something to laugh at right now, the most recent Monster Factory is a nice relief from everything going on.

If you’re bored during your self-quarantine, may I suggest watching Castlevania on Netflix? The third season dropped recently, and it’s a very good show.

YubiKey came today, and I think I’ve set up all my accounts. Only a handful actually support U2F, so the rest are using OTPs stored on the key. Would love to see more sites support security keys!

I know not everyone has the luxury, but if I got an email like this, I’d be quitting.

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I basically never want to travel, because traveling is terrible, but COVID-19 means I don’t seem like a weirdo for it.

I got a replacement for my work laptop because the keyboard was busted, and I’m kinda bummed because I lost some good stickers.

I really didn’t expect Biden to come out of Super Tuesday this well. I thought we could all see how much of a ding-a-ling he is, not even really a Democrat. But now we have to worry about him actually getting the nomination. Ugh.

I finished The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone DLC last night. I absolutely loved it. I can’t figure out how to say more without spoiling, but it was my kind of story.

Trying out a new thing where I walk to the library near my house and work from there everyday, even if it’s only for a little bit. I think taking walks and changing environment is good for me.

These are some good tips! Go’s JSON marshaling is powerful, but not so simple. I wish some of these behaviors were documented more clearly and all in one place.

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The Good Place finale messed me up good. What a wonderful show.

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