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It took weeks but I finally scheduled myself for a haircut. Apparently what I needed was an entire day off of work to muster the will to do that five minute task.

Can't decide what to name something so I guess I'll just switch between Twitter and my IDE waiting for inspiration to strike.

Elixir and Phoenix are really cool, and thanks to them I'm enjoying coding for fun for the first time in a couple months.

I bought the Matt Groening house. It came fully furnished.

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My prescription wasn't ready today but at least I was able to get a flu shot instead.

Getting my car serviced for the first time since the pandemic started. I am an adult.

I cannot believe it, but I replaced my car stereo tonight, and it all actually works! Now my 2009 Civic has CarPlay, and I can probably drive it for another decade and not feel like I'm missing out on anything.

Tonight, against my better judgment, I'm going to attempt to replace my car stereo.

I used up all the energy I had for cooking on getting the kitchen clean enough to cook in.

Love to have insurance not approve my new ADHD med prescription that is literally the same total dose I was already taking but split across twice as many pills.

I finished Kiryu's saga, all seven games of it, and I've moved on to Yakuza: Like a Dragon. I didn't expect to take to Ichiban so quickly, but he's such a nerd and I love him to bits.

This sports bar right by Coors Field has the Rockies game on the TV instead of SGDQ smh

Just started Mass Effect 3 this morning and I had forgotten about our new absolutely jacked boy we get in this one.

I think DocC is actually the thing I'm most excited about from this WWDC.

Is there a secret to using the new Documentation Catalog stuff in Xcode 13 with a Swift Package? The docs suggest you can use it with packages but when I build the documentation, it doesn't use my catalog.

Some interesting new stuff in Xcode 13 around building documentation may change how I think about documentation for Relay.swift, we'll see.

I technically do work in fintech and I still do this.

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Brands, you're only allowed to change your icon to a rainbow if you also provide receipts of you giving a shitload of money to queer people.

Ahhh there's guy who sometimes walks his dogs near my apartment with no leash. And then they approach Copper who gets all pissed. The guy tries to call his dogs to him but they don't listen. Ahhh

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I thought I was being good and getting my car registration renewed right before the deadline, but then there were late fees and it turns out I just plain forgot to do it last year and it's been expired for an entire year!

I do not like the look of my calendar on the first day back at work.

I finished both Castlevania and Persona 5 today, so I'm an emotional mess now. I'll have to wait till tomorrow to start Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

I took on too big a clean up project and now my floor is covered in old electronics.

I'm on PTO for the next two weeks! Very excited to do anything but work for a little while.

I got my second Pfizer shot today. Can't express how grateful I am to be able to be vaccinated. We need to make sure this is available to everyone, not just certain parts of the world.

I submitted my first port to FreeBSD tonight. Nothing big, just the BIND exporter for Prometheus, but I'm still excited to contribute.

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