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Yesterday Twitter gave me delightful sea shanty Tiktok and today it gave me bean dad, so that's some serious whiplash.

I've spent like 8 hours today playing Horizon: Zero Dawn and I don't even really want to stop.

My reMarkable tablet arrived today which was 4 days earlier than it was supposed to!

Now that iOS 14 and friends have been out for a while, I've released v1.0.0 of Relay.swift, which removes support for iOS 13, macOS 10.15, etc. By doing so, I got to fix some bugs (thanks to StateObject) and improve the APIs so they mesh better with the rest of SwiftUI.

Love to be walking around Freeside and a random thug comes to attack me and see Veronica just deck him so hard he dies on the spot.

Yay! I finished Advent of Code with Rust, a language I was learning as I went along. And it worked: I definitely know Rust much better than I did before. I'm no expert, but I could start a project in it now without being totally overwhelmed, and that's pretty cool!

All I want for Christmas is to read everyone's stories of their family Christmas drama.

I would very much like an offshoot of The Adventure Zone but it's Sydney DMing for Teylor, Rileigh, and Tommy.

After this week, I'll be off work for two straight weeks. It would be so choice if I could somehow get myself a PS5 before then.

I'm not sure this is true; the elite continue to show their whole ass on Twitter at what feels like every opportunity.

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Spent a bunch of time today making DNS do what I want but now it does what I want and I'm happy.

If your product or company can't succeed while working comfortable, sustainable hours, it doesn't need to exist.

I am a huge nerd who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new WiFi router like it's Christmas morning.

Actually defunding the police is a very good idea because the police are just government-funded killers with no accountability. Literally any other use of their budget would be better.

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Decided to do this year's Advent of Code in Rust so I can actually finally learn this language for real.

I need to remind everyone that the Celeste soundtrack (by Lena Raine) is incredibly good and makes me weepy every time I listen to it.

I thought I was free from election calls and texts, but no. I have a GA phone number, so even though I don't live there anymore, I'm now getting a bunch of stuff about the runoffs that I definitely can't vote in.

Urbosa's weak point smash in Age of Calamity is so good, makes me happy every time I get to use it.

Cool I see Lambda School is at it again. Please don't work for free, and companies, always pay for labor.

Paid labor is already exploitative enough, don't make it worse by taking away the money.

It's trans awareness week so I would like all my trans friends to be aware how rad they are.

Leaving a comment on a design document at work and I almost wrote "shart" instead of "shard."

Lol why would I be friends with people who were happy about electing Trump?

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I don't know what's going to happen with the presidential election, but I sure am happy to see so many trans folks getting elected into office. That's pretty kick-ass!

Last night I got to share the Tom Holland "Umbrella" performance with someone who'd never seen it. That was a very joyful experience.

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