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I was pleasantly surprised to find that Cadence of Hyrule has both 2P couch co-op and an explorable world! I think Nintendo undersold this game: it’s a delight!

I tried experimenting with SwiftUI + Apollo GraphQL but either SwiftUI is not ready for it or I’m not. I can’t tell which it is, but my brain hurts and I have nothing to show for it.

I’m wondering if I’ve curated my twitter feed to well, when I’m hitting Like on almost every single post.

Is anyone else an anxious mess all day waiting for a package to get delivered? All I can think about today is “WHEN IS FEDEX COMING?”

I would love an iOS feature where texts for verification codes got automatically deleted after a day or so.

Thank you Denver Pop Culture Con for letting me get these awesome prints! I wish I remembered the name of the artist, they’re great!

SwiftUI is probably the most exciting thing Apple’s released since Swift itself. The impact of this is gonna be huge.

This is great! I might have to start this at Stripe even though I’ll rarely be in the office myself.

I do love how much Stripe is mentioned in these replies.

I just finished John Scalzi’s Lock In which I would be thrilled to see a movie adaptation of.

I agree with this, but would also add that even if it is Y.A., it’s not inherently of less worth.

Hey tech companies: I will buy your stickers if you just let me!

I guess I’m a short-stack developer.

I was right! New MacBook Pros released right after I got my new work laptop.

Overcast notifications have started showing an excerpt from the episode’s show notes, which I really love.

It’s my first day so of course I’ve woken up absurdly early, why not?

A bunch of other Stripes followed me on Twitter and I have no idea which ones are on my team so that’ll be a fun surprise.

As of a few days ago, the Twitter app is crashing for me incredibly often. Like, several times a day. Not sure if it’s iOS 12.3 or an update in the app itself, but it’s infuriating.

I think the Sims 4 episode of Monster Factory is my favorite of them all. Watching this just brings me so much joy.

I’m thankful for prescription-grade migraine meds for salvaging this day for me. But I just used my last one so I hope I don’t need anymore in the next two weeks!

It seems I’ve arrived a little bit early for my temp apartment. Time to chill awkwardly for 10 min in the lobby.

I’m in the Lyft to the airport, so I’m definitely panicking about which important item I managed to leave behind this time.

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