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Love to see Apple's bugs and my own bugs team up to make my app break is supremely weird ways.

I think today's gonna start with another Twitch stream. Probably in about an hour.

I'm thinking Crypt of the Necrodancer and maybe also a little bit of Celeste too.

Thought Celeste was hard enough and then I tried to do Core and a B-Side and I'm realizing I didn't know how hard it could get.

I finished the main story of Celeste last night. I love Madeline and all I want in this world is for her to be okay.

Vyvanse isn't gonna fix my ADHD brain. Once it's out of my system, it's like it was never there. It's not like an antibiotic. This stigma of medication is toxic.

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I really miss casually walking into a bookstore, looking around for five minutes, then becoming instantly bored.

I finished The Last of Us: Part Two last night so tonight I'm starting Celeste. The only thing these seem to have in common is being really difficult.

This is such embarrassing, uninspired neoliberal garbage. The fact that this is as left as it gets in American politics makes me deeply sad. If you're gonna fantasize like this, dream bigger.

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Just filed my third feedback ticket with Apple since WWDC. I'm trying to be optimistic that this might mean some of these bugs get addressed before GM.

@StateObject and @ObservedObject in SwiftUI

This morning I came across a tweet from Nick Lockwood asking a very good question about SwiftUI in iOS 14: is there a reason to use @ObservedObject now that we have @StateObject? This question prompted me to want to explore and show what's different about these property wrappers, how StateObject works under the hood, and why you still need both.

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Hoping I can write a blog post before all the motivation and interest dries up.

I was in this place before COVID so things are rough over here.

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+1. At every place I've worked (inc. four years at Apple), I've always had things I cared a lot about that couldn't be prioritized. Sometimes I agreed with the reason, sometimes not. But I did care.

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Making a new partition to install Big Sur because I literally cannot help myself.

I wonder if anyone is working on translating SwiftUI to the web (yes I know we have React already).

It's absolutely wild to me that there is even a single person out in the world that thinks this is anything but criminal.

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I can't believe I can hear my dog's stomach growling and I still have to badger him into eating his dinner.

11pm on a Sunday night is clearly the perfect time to announce a new release of my Relay.swift package. 😉

There's a lot of good stuff from the last month in 0.3.0. I still think this is a really cool way to build apps.


From my experience, I would guess this is a very big number.

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Got my Hey invite so now I'm weirdly eager to get emails and see how this goes.

I had a pretty good time with the Twitch streams today, but now I'm absolutely exhausted. I don't know how folks do this full-time, it's so draining.

I'll be doing it some more though, for sure. Probably not for six hours in a day though, even with breaks.

I want everyone to know that I'm never ever going to listen to one of your audio tweets. It's just not gonna happen.

I get really bored when I'm sick. Seems like a good time to start a season of The Great British Bake Off.

I think the hardest part of speedrunning for me is setting aside two hours where I know I can't leave my chair.

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