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At some point, I’m gonna need to actually learn how Envoy proxy works.

I started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender this weekend. I’m really digging it.

One thing I miss from Austin is being able to get breakfast tacos at basically any coffee shop.

I get to see a bunch of my coworkers in person next week, many for the first time. Which means it was time for a haircut! 💇‍♂️

To my coworkers: if I’m out sick tomorrow, it’s because I had one Old Fashioned at 7:30pm.

That feeling when you finally fix a bug that’s been vexing you for weeks. Such relief! I should write this one up because the path to figuring it out was weird and it might interesting to others.

Any ADHD folks out there ever tried to wire up PagerDuty to your calendar? Because I’m strongly considering it.

Upgraded a project to Next.js 9, which is great! But I’m blocked on adopting API routes because now the server code is running through Babel which is taking issue with some things. Hopefully I can figure it out, it would be nice to unify things this way.

Of course our refrigerator broke on a holiday. Really hoping we can get someone out here today to fix it.

We just finished Neon Genesis Evangelion and I’ve screamed aloud multiple times over this ending.

I had a dream that Stripe had an internal instance of Archive of Our Own and my coworkers posted their fanfics there. I’m kinda sad it’s not real.

I feel like such an old man sometimes. I got a drink at the Renaissance Festival yesterday and it just made me want to find a bench and take a nap.

I made sweet and sour sauce tonight on a whim just with stuff that was already in the house. I never realized I was only a couple minutes from having sweet and sour sauce.

The more I think about it, the more I can’t believe Cadence of Hyrule exists. It’s so great that Nintendo let the Necrodancer folks do their thing with the Zelda IP and make something like this.

I’ve been a good good boy and have installed exactly zero Apple betas this year.

Love it when Node 10 is making the Auth0 client return values that aren’t even in scope that it couldn’t possibly know about.

This whole “be an early riser” work routine worked a lot better when I wasn’t working with people in SF.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Cadence of Hyrule has both 2P couch co-op and an explorable world! I think Nintendo undersold this game: it’s a delight!

I tried experimenting with SwiftUI + Apollo GraphQL but either SwiftUI is not ready for it or I’m not. I can’t tell which it is, but my brain hurts and I have nothing to show for it.

I’m wondering if I’ve curated my twitter feed to well, when I’m hitting Like on almost every single post.

Is anyone else an anxious mess all day waiting for a package to get delivered? All I can think about today is “WHEN IS FEDEX COMING?”

I would love an iOS feature where texts for verification codes got automatically deleted after a day or so.

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