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iOS development has come a long way since I last did it seriously (around iOS 8). There’s so much good stuff in the SDK, especially in iOS 13, that’s making it really easy for me to make a quality app. I’m really excited about it.

I’m playing through A Link to the Past on my Switch since I don’t think I ever completed it before (or got all that far even). I just gotta say…it’s kinda kicking my ass!

As significant and influential as Stallman’s projects have been to the tech world, I have to think we’d have been better off having the contributions of all the folks (esp. non-men) that we’re discouraged from tech by his presence.

Same for any other “brilliant jerks.” 🙄

This morning, I ate a whole Waffle House All-Star Breakfast for the first time in years. I’m still not sure if this was a good or bad decision.

He didn’t get to be the richest man in the world by compensating his workers fairly.

This is a really interesting thread about the whole Epstein funding the MIT Media Lab thing and its effect on the direction of science as a whole.

A sick day is a good day to rewatch Into the Spiderverse and be reminded how much that movie rocks.

I’m like 3/4 of the way through The Rise of Kyoshi and it is extremely good.

My dog play fights with the other dog by whipping his butt in her face. I feel like humans haven’t explored this style of combat enough.

I started a new iOS app project this weekend, and I’ve been reminded that UIKit is actually still really nice to work in.

I accidentally walked three miles today sending in my passport to get renewed. My feet hurt so bad, every step is pain.

I really like Book 2 of Legend of Korra, all the spirit world stuff. A lot of great moments in there.

I went to my first Go meetup tonight. Please praise me for leaving the house because it was not easy today.

It’s super cool how Airtable will just generate an API for your tables, but only supporting 5 requests per second is really hard to build an app around.

Finding it easier to do dishes by reframing it as “paying down culinary debt.”

Just migrated a Next.js app to Apollo 3 and React Hooks in about two hours. Not too bad, honestly, and there’s so much less nesting now.

I changed a tire to the spare last night without watching a YouTube video or reading the manual so…adulthood is turning out alright.

I had a super positive experience today with Wells Fargo and now I’m questioning everything.

Looking through Amazon Prime and saw “The Boys” and I haven’t watched it because I cannot think of a more uninteresting premise.

Looks like we need to finish Avatar so we can dig in on She-Ra season 3!

Lots of people have mental illness and don’t do mass shootings. White supremacy is not a mental illness: it’s just an incredibly toxic belief system. Don’t stigmatize mental illness by conflating the two.

I know I’m late to the party, but we’re finally going to see Far From Home later today.

The worst part of joining a new team is trying to figure out how much you can swear without making folks uncomfortable.

Just had a real good laugh when my wife did an image search for “ugly horse.”

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