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Matt Moriarity

January 2018

The super blue blood moon 🌝 was supposed to be pretty close to when we would wake up anyway, so we tried to check it out.

Covered by clouds. 😧

Oh dang, I like what I’m hearing about OmniFocus 3. Tags instead of context, sharing tasks between users! I love it!

My Go setup is Neovim and this outstanding vim-go plugin for it. Easy building, testing, and running from within the editor. Automatic ‘go fmt’. It’s very nice.

I’m messing around with Go again for the first time since I was in school. The basics haven’t changed much. I took the Tour of Go. Now I’m writing a simple HTTP server in it (I know there’s one built-in already).

Getting around to playing the Uncharted series. They did a pretty damn good job remastering these for the PS4; even Drake’s Fortune looks pretty good.

Finally finished Patriot. If you’ve got Amazon Prime, you should really give it a try. And now I can catch up on an hour and a half of podcasts about it.

I thought Blade Runner 2049 was fantastic. It was incredibly well-crafted, and I like the original Blade Runner, it told a compelling story that I really cared about. And what a cast!?

My Apple Music Favorites Mix is pretty on point for me this week.

I miss not caring what a ding-dong like Donald Trump was doing all day.

I find the Swift community much more accessible now that discussion has moved to Discourse. Maybe that’s because I don’t like subscribing to mailing lists, and Mailman’s archives are not easy to browse.

Alright, HomeKit is very slick.

Woke up with slowly increasing light, which felt great. And last night, I turned on some dim lights with “Hey Siri” from the bed.

I could get used to this.

Anyone have any suggestions for making a home office feel less like a troll cave?

I set up the 2 Hue lights with HomeKit, and I’m pretty dang impressed. Set up a few scenes, and it feels like if I had more compatible accessories, I could do some really cool stuff.

Getting some Phillips Hue lights today. We’re trying to make waking up easier by putting the lights on a schedule. And it’s my first chance to try out HomeKit!

Giving Patriot a shot. The folk music is lovely. I’ve always liked TV shows with a musical focus.

Oh no it’s the Virgin America safety song that’s gonna be stuck in my head for the next week 😩

Giving a Civ 6 domination victory run a try. Russia is about to lose St. Petersburg. Taking cities is so hard when you don’t have siege units yet!

Had a good night with good friends. A very nice way to cap off this trip. Tomorrow night, I’ll sleep in my own bed!

Facebook might be one of the worst things that ever happened. It’s made so much worse by acting like it provides value and good to the world.

Still looking for a new email domain. Pretty sure matt.republican is not gonna be the one.

At some point Guy Fieri started unironically calling his show “triple D” and I just cannot handle it.

Beat Bobby Flay: it’s Iron Chef Showdown, but always against Bobby Flay and with way more smack talk.

(I watch a lot of Food Network when I travel for work)

I traveled without the Switch to give the other people in the house the chance to play. I will not make this mistake again. It’s the perfect travel companion.

I long for more free time for writing. I have a few ideas of long form topics I want to write about, but I know for me it takes a certain amount of boredom and energy to get into the right place for it.

Yay! I’ve got OwnYourGram set up, so Instagram posts will get posted to mattmoriarity.com automatically now.

In Civ 6, every time I get a new great work, everybody starts knocking on my door trying to take it from me. Back off, Gandhi! We never talk and now you’re acting like we’re friends!

Nothing like spending the day trying to force some janky Unix software to build in a weird, unanticipated way. 😭😭😭

I can not distinguish between a picture of Fred Armisen playing Michael Wolff and an actual picture of Michael Wolff.

Landed in CA, where it’s thankfully much warmer than Texas what world is this.

The Long Beach Airport is strange! The terminal isn’t raised; you just walk outside and there are stairs up to the plane. Maybe this is common but I’ve never seen it before.

Starting to read The Slow Regard of Silent Things. Very different than the other Kingkiller books.

It seems like allowing airplane seats to recline is one of those things designed to divide us as a people.

I wonder if I’ve got Markdown support working on the microblog.

Austin airport seems very unprepared for the cold weather. It’s very chilly in here.

I’ve tried two Twitter cross-posting plugins for WordPress. Not happy with what I’ve found so far. Pretty sure they will mess up the formatting. Perhaps I should just use the micro.blog subscription for it.

Ok I think I’ve got this figured out. Now let’s see how hard it is to make WordPress cross post to Twitter.

Ok, P2 is still putting titles in, but replacing them with time stamps does fix how Micro.blog imports them. Let’s see if this post from the app works.

Let’s see if I’ve correctly figured out how to do titleless status updates on WordPress.

Playing through Twilight Princess HD, about to go through Snowpeak. I love this part of the game.

Finally set up the microblog on mattmoriarity.com, and posting from the Micro.blog app!