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February 2018

I’ve spent a lot of time struggling to maintain a habit of meditating, but I’ve finally found a routine that works for me. Every single day in February!

I didn’t really think about it, but at some point I stopped installing Dropbox when setting up a fresh machine. It’s been totally fine.

Every iPhone screenshot at <20% battery should be automatically doctored to show a less panic-inducing number, for my sanity when scrolling through Twitter.

At some point, I unlearned how to untie my shoes without getting the laces in a knot, and it’s embarrassing every time it happens.

It’s very nice to be able to bike 3 minutes from my house and grab tacos for lunch.

Also, Austin has a lot of taco places.

We finished Altered Carbon in a day, so I think it’s safe to say we liked it. 😳

Wife and I are starting to watch Altered Carbon. I’m getting some serious Blade Runner vibes from this world and its aesthetic.

Just finished going through the Rust book. It’s a very cool language: I want to build a real project with it now!

I’ve started relentlessly unsubscribing from all the junk mailing lists I’ve ended up on over the years that I would just filter out, and it is liberating.

They went to the groomer and they gave him a tie!! He looks like he’s going to a business meeting.

I’m learning Rust for fun. It seems really helpful that I already know Swift really well, as they seem very closely related in some key ways. Borrowing is breaking my brain, but in a good way.

Just dropped the doggos off at the groomer. Later today they will be much less stinky! (Dogs smell very bad but we love them anyway)

I think I would be tremendously happy with a programming job that was nothing but refactoring. Refactoring is the best.

Norris Numbers:

As a tech lead I see my primary contribution as saying “no” to features that co-workers think are important but can’t justify. The real trick is knowing when a new feature adds linear complexity (its own weight only) or geometric complexity (interacts with other features). Both should be avoided, but the latter requires extra-convincing justification.

I’ve really been enjoying DHH’s new series On Writing Software Well.

So much of writing software is not the decisions you make, but the reason you’re making them. David speaks very well about his reasoning for doing things, especially when it breaks with conventional wisdom.

Went to Alamo Drafthouse’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Movie Party last night with some friends.

That movie is better than I remembered it being. Edgar Wright definitely has a style, and I like it.

Picked up Bayonetta 2 for the Switch. I forgot how much fun this game was.

I need to clean off my desk really bad. Things are getting out of hand over here.

Myke Hurley and Tiff Arment kick off their new video game podcast Playing for Fun talking about Super Mario Odyssey. I love that they’re all about talking about the positive things. And now I want to go back and play this game some more.

Few things make me feel older than skipping out on some #content because it’s only present in the form of a YouTube video.

Feeling really stuck on my current engineering problem. Making slow progress but the obstacles just keep coming.

Copper chases his tail sometimes and it’s my favorite thing in the whole world.

I watched the Black Mirror episode “Be Right Back” the other night and I’m still not okay again.

Oh god I made plans for every single night of the week why did I do this to myself?

I don’t usually want to talk to a stranger for any reason…but then I see someone force-quitting their iPhone apps.

Another HomePod surprise: when your iPhone rings, music playing on HomePod pauses automatically.

Wife just accidentally called HomePod “Alexa” out of habit. 😆

Using HomePod as the Apple TV speaker. It’s working well! And it’s way better than the built-in speakers in this old TV.

I didn’t realize iTunes on Mac and Music on iOS would be able to control HomePod essentially natively. I love that! (talking to things is clumsy sometimes)

New Hue lights got here, so now we have some in the bedroom and the kitchen! Hoping the kitchen ones can be a good cue for us to go to bed on time.

Happy HomePod day, everyone!

UPS is usually pretty late delivering to my house, so I’ll probably just be anticipating it all day.

I love the part of rock concerts where they do the obligatory cover song and I get to see if bands I like also like other music I enjoy. Usually they do!

I realized the other day that I almost never use the lightning port on my iPhone X, between Qi chargers and AirPods.

Really feeling more like writing than coding right now. 😕

Saw a truck with a license plate that said “MAGA 45.” So that was disappointing.

Spent some time last night going back and creating a CHANGELOG.md for a personal project. It’s much nicer to be able to collect the changes as their made. Makes collecting them to release much more straightforward.

Wife and I started playing The Wolf Among Us tonight. We loved Tales from the Borderlands, and this one is off to a great start too!

I’m giving MarsEdit a try for posting to the blog from my Mac. I’ve always felt like I didn’t blog enough to justify it, but I’m trying to post more, so maybe that will change.

Yoga in the morning and Tacodeli for breakfast is not a bad way to start the day.

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, but I’m glad the Patriots lost and I’m pumped as hell for Westworld season 2!

It’s 12:30 and I already need a nap.

Update: I took the nap. I definitely feel more awake.

Apparently I just spent my entire Saturday playing Stardew Valley.

At some point, I should take some time to tweak my blog theme to make it more microblog friendly. Particularly around the comments section.

Looking forward to trying out HomePod when it arrives next Friday.

That’s the first concert I’ve been to in a while. My ears are ringing!

I just found out that Apple isn’t doing the Apple Music Festival anymore. 🙁

We just preordered this incredible looking Stardew Valley Guidebook by Kari Fry & Ryan Novak. If you love Stardew, this seems like a great thing to get. The art looks awesome, and having a paper reference will be so handy.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

I get that we’re doing the whole automated releases of whatever’s passing tests and all, but release notes are important. People should be able to know what’s changing in your software.

Make a process for building those notes and include them. Keep a Changelog seems to have a pretty good approach:

Don’t merge in changes without updating the changelog as appropriate. Enforce this, either with code checks or with code review. If you do this, your release notes are already assembled when it’s time to release.

There’s not much excuse for saying “bug fixes and performance improvements.” Tell us what’s actually happening.

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Very excited to go see Walk the Moon tonight here in Austin!