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Matt Moriarity

April 2018

I tried out the Stardew Valley 1.3 beta, but I got to the end of the day and it froze up on me right before it would have saved. I’m gonna step away, especially since only one of us has it on Steam (we also have it on GOG, which gets the beta soon).

Cool! Micro.blog now supports cross-posting to Medium! That might actually get me to use Medium, where before I’ve been hesitant to write long-form content on something I don’t control.

I hate this WeMo switch so much. More than half the time, the app can’t connect to it.

I’ve been rewatching The Good Place because this show genuinely makes me very happy.

I launched Slack for the first time in a while. It instantly became the second biggest user of RAM on my machine. I’m in only two workspaces; why do you need 700MB of RAM?

Starting yesterday, there have been random airhorn sounds every few hours near my house. It may slowly drive me mad.

I think this afternoon bike ride might have me a little sunburned. Worth it!

We let Copper up into the bed last night. He stayed about 30 seconds before going right back to his crate. So he’s dead to me now.

Fried rice is quickly becoming my favorite quick cooked lunch to throw together.

This might seem crazy, given how much I like my clacky keyboards, but I actually really like the 12” MacBook keyboard.

The WordPress.com site/app could do a better job of supporting blogs that are mostly status update posts.

We had a power outage yesterday, and now all of my HomeKit automations have stopped running. HomePod is on, I can manually toggle scenes and accessories. Not sure what’s up.

Update: I went into the Home app, selected each automation entry, and just hit the Save button for each one. I believe this has gotten my automations back on track.

I think my Vim chops are getting better. I started a side project in Ruby where I’m working entirely out of Vim. I’m making a point to expand my knowledge by looking up how to do things if I don’t know how. It’s working, but it takes some patience.

Do other people track their unwritten blog post ideas by just making empty drafts with the idea as the title?

Having a section of the pull request template for how you tested the change is just enough of a nudge to get me to not submit code without tests. Sometimes you just have to ask the question.

My new 12-in MacBook arrived yesterday, and so far it might be my favorite computer I’ve owned yet. I didn’t realize how much more important portability and battery life are to me over raw power.

I think I’m back to work today, but I’m still coughing up a storm. Ugh.

New shiny! I haven’t had a computer this small since my 2010 11” MacBook Air.

I’m out sick today so there’s nothing to distract me from eagerly awaiting the UPS truck (unless you count this awful cold).

A single bottle of DayQuil is soooo not enough when all three people in the house are sick.

That Taylor Swift cover of “September” strips away what makes the song good.

Considering switching back to QWERTY layout on my ErgoDox because weird layouts make Vim more difficult.

Catching up on Silicon Valley S5. Looks like Richard is still a very painful character to watch.

I got some fillings. My mouth is still numb. My smile looks like Two Face and it’s horrifying.

I wonder if there’s an easy way to gather all the links I’ve posted on Wordpress.

I really like pull requests.

(Not new, I’ve been using them for some time. Just nice to reflect on things you like sometimes)

Vim Tip: switch between the shell and Vim easily using jobs! Ctrl-Z to suspend Vim, do whatever shell things you need, then run fg and you’re back in Vim right where you left it. No need for another terminal tab or a terminal inside Vim.

Michael Cohen: “They can’t convict a husband and wife for the same crime!”

Moving my home directory to be partially Git-managed using this guide. I’ve used symlinks before for this, but doing it directly fixes a few weird things about that.

This bowl of shaved ice is WAY bigger than I thought a “small” would be.

I’ve used Vim for years, and I still don’t feel all that proficient in it. I really want to be, though: I see the potential. Anyone have suggestions for how to up my game?

Firewatch on the Switch might finally get me to go ahead and buy the game. Not quite sure what’s been stopping me so far.

We rearranged the office yesterday to be more open. I feel rejuvenated!

Once again, this morning I am proving to be very bad at drinking my coffee while it’s actually hot.