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September 2018

I don’t put too much stock in code coverage, as it can motivate you to chase a metric rather than create a good codebase. I am finding it useful in a project where I know I want more tests, but I’m not quite sure which code is missing them.

Kavanaugh’s response to the allegations has demonstrated enough disqualifying behavior for a federal judge, let alone a Supreme Court judge. It’s messed up that we’re even still talking about him but welcome to 2018, where up is down and right is alt-right.

The season premiere of The Good Place has me hypeeee! Very excited about where this show is going.

Overcast seems completely unwilling to sync any podcasts to my watch. It acts like it did, but the watch app says none are on the watch.

The Series 4 watch is Very Good. If you’re on a Series 0 like I was, it will probably change how you use the device dramatically.

Seeing near universal praise for Xcode’s support for dark mode in Mojave, even from people who don’t like the feature in general. The folks on the Xcode team who were pulled onto that feature will be glad to hear it!

My OverDrive library hold for the Obelisk Gate finally popped! I took out the hold weeks ago, so excited!

This is really exciting for those of us who want to automate interactions with the App Store, which should be basically every Apple platform developer.

The embedded tweet has been deleted.

Why can’t Xcode 10 load any of its source control services all of a sudden? I had my GitHub account set up in here and it’s suddenly disappeared.

It’s Apple Watch delivery day, the longest day of the year. I’m a lot of things, but patient has never really been one of them.

Three to ten years is really not enough time for what Cosby did to all of those women. Our justice system and our attitudes towards women in the US are so broken.

I just used the Home app on macOS to set up some new Hue lights. I appreciate the work that folks at Apple put into porting these apps, but they are still far from being good Mac apps. Lots of weird UI idioms that don’t really make much sense here.

I turned on dark mode in Mojave immediately and it is 🔥🔥🔥!

I absolutely love that asset catalogs can contain colors these days. NSColor(named:) is so nice to have!

If I need to build a basic marcom site for a new project to deploy with Netlify, does anyone have a stack they really like?

TFW you’re listening to a podcast and you already use all of the sponsors’ products. (Linode and Sanebox in this case)

Surprised that despite great Siri Shortcuts support, there’s no way to make a shortcut for Overcast that sets a sleep timer. I would use that almost every night.

I think it’s been too long since I had some BBQ. Crazy how that can happen even when you live in Texas.

Apple Watch Series 4 ordered! Apple’s wait times are still a month out, but Best Buy will ship it to me on Wednesday.

Gonna make a trip to the Apple Store today to try on the Series 4 watch and figure out my upgrade plan.

Oh no, today might be another migraine day. Let’s see what we can do to prevent that.

Bay Area friends, I have great news! I’ll be in town next month for GitHub Universe. Let me know if you want to meet up and hang out!

Oh cool the migraine medication isn’t doing anything that’s awwwweeesssoommmeee.

Draining my laptop battery at super speed by installing Xcode 10 from the XIP.

This is tremendously good advice. I’ve been trying to change how I respond to compliments to be more gracious. It feels way better for both parties.

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And I’m sitting here with two level 117 characters.

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Feeling like an imposter because I maintain an Xcode build environment for people as my job but I haven’t actually worked in Xcode in months. Looking to fix that starting soon, I hope.

Implementing payment processing is really overwhelming. Stripe does a pretty damn good job of minimizing that, and it’s a really great service. But my head is still kind of spinning.

The new Overcast sleep timer controls confused me and I ended up setting a 10 hour sleep timer instead of 10 minutes. Woke up at 3am to a Talk Show episode playing. Could really use some units on that widget.

Updated my HomePod and I’m very happy to have multiple timers!

I really want Calm to update to support Siri Shortcuts. I like the sleep stories, and it would be awesome to be able to start some favorite ones without grabbing the phone off the charger.

I’m really excited for apps to start supporting Siri Shortcuts. So far I’ve got updates for Drafts and Transit, but I want more!

I finally checked how this app looks on a phone and it is a disaster! I have some work to do!

For this side project, over the last week I scrapped the 4 microservices and put everything in the Rails frontend like a normal monolithic app. Honestly, it’s awesome. Since it’s just me, splitting things up was making more work to iterate, not less.

Drafts just got built-in WordPress support, which I think will make it my go-to way of posting to my blog on the go.

I often run git status in an arbitrary terminal tab as a nervous habit. Sometimes multiple times in a row. So that’s weird.

The Apple Watch Series 4 looks fantastic, and I’m thinking that will be the upgrade for me. The new iPhones look great, but not so great that I’m discontent with my iPhone X.

Oh no I just realized I’m going to have to make a decision about when to install Mojave. In past years, I would have already been running the next version of macOS for the last several months, but now I can actually choose to stay on High Sierra if I want to.

Today’s outage is making me realize how much I rely on GitHub to get work done. Hope the folks working on this incident are doing okay.

I accidentally scheduled a doctor appointment during the Apple event tomorrow and I’ve never felt like such a failure.

I’m at a metal concert with friends and tweeting about Go, and I don’t really know what that says about me.

I firmly believe that police are last people in the world that should carry guns. Having lethal force available at all times is too dangerous.

The Champion’s Ballad questline in Breath of the Wild DLC is pretty damn good.

Apple please release Xcode 10 GM already so I can build a Travis image for it! (I’m sure it will come with the event; I’m just impatient)

Sometime I reflect and find I’m really bitter about my American history education. So many figures that I was taught to see as good or even outstanding people I now find really problematic. For instance, Kissinger.

Learning about Docker Swarm so I can put off learning about how to implement billing.

I am sick with a migraine so I downloaded Donut County. What a delightfully charming game!

It seems mostly symbolic, but it still makes me happy to see that Evergreen is going to be NetNewsWire 5. I loved NNW 3 back when I first started using a Mac; it was inspiring to me as an app developer.