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January 2019

“Simply” seems like you’re making yourself sound fancy and smart, but it usually just makes you sound like an elitist jerk.

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There is no such thing as a self-made billionaire.

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ADHD level: turn on kettle for coffee, go sit at desk, hours pass.

I have been in planes and airports too long today for this final flight to be delayed. With every passing second, I’m slowly losing my mind. I’ve been awake so long, I just want to sleep.

The season 3 finale of The Good Place legit made me cry a little bit. Can someone remind the writers this is a comedy show!? 😉

Suddenly realizing I should probably already be asleep to get up for my flight home tomorrow, but writing code is much more fun than sleep.

Very anxiety-provoking to be wandering around alone in a city where you don’t speak the language. Trying to make the most of my free day in Berlin but it’s tougher than I expected.

This week in Berlin has really reminded me that I work with some awesome people.

My Lyft driver to the airport was playing a Michael Jackson greatest hits CD and just really groovin’ on it. It was a pure delight, made my day.

I got to the airport a bit early after hearing about slow TSA lines from the shutdown, but I guess people just aren’t flying right now and my flight doesn’t leave for two hours.

The “Dinner Party” episode of The Office is so much more painful than I remembered. It’s honestly incredible: pure, concentrated toxicity and discomfort.

I have a dog sitting on my feet keeping them warm, and it’s way better than socks.

I think I’m going to revisit React Native since it’s been several years I tried it last. I want to see what the experience is like to try to build a nice, native-feeling iOS app with it.

I’ve got a few different side projects but the issues I have in them seem hard so maybe I’ll just start a new project instead.

Really depressed by the whole McDonald’s spread at the White House thing. Like there’s many worse things to be upset about and I am, but this is just really sad and bumming me out in a very particular way.

Sometimes I think it could be fun to livestream a coding project, but I’m too nervous that I would reveal secrets or something on the stream.

I’m scared that if I turn my Mac back from Dark mode to Light mode, I might blind myself.

Going through some pretty weird hacks to try to get my TypeScript code to build with Webpack in CI without running out of memory. Currently at the “not outputting anything but also not dying” stage which may be good or bad, we’ll see.

I watched Thor: Ragnarok two nights ago and it took seeing two Korg memes to make me already want to watch it again.

This is why I’m glad I used TypeScript for my blogging engine. I’ve had plenty of times where I would have deployed broken code but the type system caught it.

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The reality stone can change whatever into whatever, so I guess Thanos just likes changing stuff into bubbles.

I chopped onions today for the first time in at least three years, and my eyes are not happy about it.

This has been the week of putting out fires and I would very much like that to stop if possible.

Diablo III for Switch: Couch Co-op Done Right

If I had known how well Diablo III handled multiplayer on the Switch, I would have bought it two months ago when it came out. I say that even having played the game to death on PC.

My house is a single Switch house. We’re not really interested in buying a whole extra console to be able to play games together, so my wife and I are often hunting for good couch co-op games that we can play together.

Diablo III handles the mechanics of couch co-op better than any other Switch game I’ve tried. The Switch has an interesting system of multiple user profiles: each time you want to play a game, you choose which person you’re playing as, and it keeps your save data separate from others. So my list of Diablo characters are on my profile, and my wife’s are on her profile. Cool.

In my experience, those profiles are usually totally isolated, but not with Diablo! If I want to play with her, I can pick up a controller, hit A to join the game, and it will prompt me for which other profile I want to play as. When I pick my profile, it shows my list of characters and I can choose one. And now we’re in the same game together, playing with the same characters we’ve been playing on our own separate profiles.

I admit I had hoped this was how it would work when we got the game, but I hadn’t really expected it to be true. More Switch games that support co-op play should embrace this way of doing things. It made me so happy to have this kind of flexibility in how we play the game.

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I feel like everything conservatives have done to try to dump on Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has mostly just amplified her message and made her seem more awesome. I haven’t been this excited about a politician before.

How do people discover new books at the book store? The whole place is very overwhelming to me, and I have never figured out how to identify new things that I would like. I always have to just look for something I’ve already heard of.

I’ve been having a rough week, but I got some desperately needed joy from reading this thread.

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I’m strongly considering setting up a matt-tasks GitHub repo to track personal housekeeping todos for work as GitHub issues. Everything else I have to do is in issues, why shouldn’t filing expense reports go in there too?

Managed to get down to a very manageable Inbox Five without too much trouble. Helps that I was in a pretty good place with my email before going on vacation.

First day back at work and Slack is dead. Combine that with the pouring rain outside and I’m not feeling my most inspired today.