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Matt Moriarity

May 2019

This is great! I might have to start this at Stripe even though I’ll rarely be in the office myself.

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I do love how much Stripe is mentioned in these replies.

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I agree with this, but would also add that even if it is Y.A., it’s not inherently of less worth.

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Hey tech companies: I will buy your stickers if you just let me!

I was right! New MacBook Pros released right after I got my new work laptop.

Overcast notifications have started showing an excerpt from the episode’s show notes, which I really love.

It’s my first day so of course I’ve woken up absurdly early, why not?

A bunch of other Stripes followed me on Twitter and I have no idea which ones are on my team so that’ll be a fun surprise.

As of a few days ago, the Twitter app is crashing for me incredibly often. Like, several times a day. Not sure if it’s iOS 12.3 or an update in the app itself, but it’s infuriating.

I think the Sims 4 episode of Monster Factory is my favorite of them all. Watching this just brings me so much joy.

I’m thankful for prescription-grade migraine meds for salvaging this day for me. But I just used my last one so I hope I don’t need anymore in the next two weeks!

It seems I’ve arrived a little bit early for my temp apartment. Time to chill awkwardly for 10 min in the lobby.

I’m in the Lyft to the airport, so I’m definitely panicking about which important item I managed to leave behind this time.

Today is my last day at Travis CI. Tomorrow I head to SF for onboarding at Stripe.

But tonight…tonight we see John Wick 3!

Apollo Client’s optimistic response feature is super cool! You provide the response you expect, and it assumes it works. Reverts the effects on the UI if the change actually fails.

Have this feeling that I’m gonna end up getting a new work computer just a little bit before Apple releases new MacBook Pros. Obviously I should’ve delayed my start date until after WWDC! 😉

Had no idea how grateful I was that the Mountain was covered in armor all this time.

Well that Game of Thrones episode was a pretty bad birthday present. D&D you really shouldn’t have.

Happy birthday to me! The last year of my twenties. We’re going to see Passion Pit tonight to celebrate 🎉 🎶 🎂

The GitHub package registry announcement is timely given the nonsense that’s been happening at NPM lately. It’s probably good for us to have another prominent, popular registry for the JS ecosystem in particular.

I’m pretty sure TypeScript’s type system is capable of a lot more than I tend to think it is when I’m coding in it.

My accomplishment for the day: getting the Colorado plates for my car.

Part of starting my new role at Stripe will be two weeks of onboarding in San Francisco, starting May 19. If you’re in the Bay Area and want to hang out, let me know!

All the white men Democratic candidates are so mediocre (Buttigieg, O’Rourke) or outright terrible (Biden). Can we please stop giving them all the media attention?

I’m messing around with Zeit Now and Next.js, trying to open my mind to a different way of building web apps. It’s exhausting my brain, but I think that’s just what learning a new model is like.

I did it. I saw the Endgame. It wasn’t perfect, but it was really damn impressive, and it meant a lot to me.

Sometimes the end of a task or project sneaks up on me and I find myself unprepared for what to do next.

I have news to share: in two or so weeks I’ll be leaving Travis CI and starting a new job at Stripe. I’m very proud of the work I did at Travis, and I love the people I got to work with. And now I’m super excited to be joining Stripe’s Foundation team!

We’re going to see Endgame tonight. I’m very excited: I watched like 5 Marvel movies this weekend to get hype.