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Matt Moriarity

December 2019

Kinda wild to see the extremely different reactions to Star Wars from folks on my timeline. This is going to be a very polarizing movie (I haven’t seen this one).

If I make it through these holidays without emotionally imploding it will be a miracle. Please just let it be January already.

I forgot that Drafts for Mac got updated with Actions support. OMG it’s so good! They all synced from my phone. It’s like magic.

What a blast! Spending the evening fixing my Node app to actually work with Node 12. I guess I had to leave Node 8 eventually.

We binged all of season three of the Dragon Prince last night! Love this show, hope there’s a fourth season coming.

Started a new work project this week, an internal docs site, and it’s taking all of my restraint to not work on it more this weekend.

I fell way behind on Advent of Code while I was in San Francisco last week, so I’ve gotta catch back up this weekend.

I got through about half of the performance reviews I needed to write before the deadline so that’s pretty good, right?

My Lyft driver is listening to AM radio and I honestly forgot that was a thing.

Coming to SF to see other Stripes in person so let’s kick that social anxiety into high gear.

I love that my dogs chase each other around the backyard, it’s super cute, but really I just want them to take a dump so I can go back inside to the warm place.

I decided to start Advent of Code a bit late, got through the first five days yesterday, finishing catching up today.