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Matt Moriarity

January 2020

People talk about how consistent Bernie’s positions have been over decades, but it honestly bums me out that we’ve progressed so little as a society that those same positions are still radical.

Bernie’s positions from the 90’s should look backwards by today’s standards.

I don’t really like attending tech conferences that much, but I do really like stickers and socks so what do I do?

Archive of our Own is an incredible feat of efficiency and I am actually amazed it exists.

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Just finished the story for Control. That is one of the coolest games I’ve played in a while.

I know I’m turning this year because I can’t stop talking about how quiet my new garage door opener is (but it’s so quiet!)

Okay, this ADGQ run of Control has made me really want to play this game. This looks so rad.

I went to UNIQLO and got some of those sweatpants that look like jeans (and have all the same pockets). This is the energy I’m bringing into the new year.

Finally went through my mail and found a letter from a neighbor inviting us to join NextDoor. There’s something so anachronistic about that. Also I do not want to know what’s going on on there.

Kieran is spot-on here. Every single software job I’ve had has required me to grow into it. I wasn’t fully qualified for the work when I started, but you get there from hands on experience. Go for the job you want!

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Haven’t finished it yet but book of the year for 2019 goes to Steel Crow Saga for sure. It has everything! Paul Krueger really nailed it, and you should all buy it and read it.

For me, 2019 was the year of The Adventure Zone. Never knew I could feel so strongly about a story. Thank you McElroys: you created something truly beautiful.