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Matt Moriarity

April 2020

It bothers me that hash browns and hash brownies are two very different foods.

I got the computer to do what I wanted by the end of the day so this one's been pretty good.

Oh no, am I going to have to add "bleach" and "disinfectant" to my mute list on Twitter?

alias fixit='git commit -a --amend -C HEAD'
alias shipit='git push --force-with-lease'
fixit && shipit

I made a service in 2018 to post my microblog posts as tweets, and I've been just rewriting different parts of it since then.

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My wife is playing a TTRPG with some folks online, and I just overheard her say "That still doesn't tell me if this was sabotage or dinosaurs."

I think my favorite part of Animal Crossing is the absolutely ridiculous things the islanders say.

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I would love it if Slack gave me a way to check this box after sending a message to a thread. I forget to check it more than half the time.

I've been worried and anxious about not having started my taxes this year. I finally went to figure out how to file an extension, which is when I discovered that this year, the deadline was moved to July 15 due to COVID-19. I'm so relieved!

I'm actually really grateful that none of these are my quarantine house.

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I'm finding that I don't really know how to connect with people over distance. I've struggled for a long time to maintain relationships with people I don't see regularly face-to-face, and now interacting over distance is like...the only valid way to interact. It's tough.

I set this up, let's see how long I can tolerate it.

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It can't be a coincidence that I'm having trouble finding pants in Animal Crossing because most of my islanders don't seem to be wearing any either.