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Matt Moriarity

May 2020

Once again, I got a new PB for Lost Judgment in today's stream: 2:55:27, under 3 hours for the first time!

It seems that not having to go to work anymore does not make me immune to migraines.

Yesterday, I did my first attempt at a Lost Judgment Any% speedrun. Under 4 hours was my goal, and I came in just under that, so I'm pretty happy! Lots of room here to improve.

The police have proven time and time again that they are a corrupt institution. They perpetuate white supremacy, killing black people over and over again and getting away with it. It's not possible to be an ethical cop in America.

I've started trying to learn how to speedrun the Link's Awakening Switch remake. Some of these glitches are taking me more time to do once than an entire run should take.

Sitting here contemplating what I would need to be able to set up a semi-permanent outdoor office.

I made a thing: Relay.swift

I really enjoy using GraphQL with Relay on the web, so I thought SwiftUI apps should be able to use it too. So I've ported Relay to Swift and released it as a SwiftPM package.

The new MacBook Pro came a day early! I cannot get over how much better this keyboard is. I'm really enjoying using it.

The local pizza place has jalapeño poppers again, so things are looking up.

My wife and I are watching original Sailor Moon (which I saw bits of as a kid) and I really did not expect the music to be so catchy.

Spent my Sunday writing docs for a new project. Hope I can release this soon.

I don't know if everyone will realize that the Entrapta story in S5E2 is a very real representation of autism. The way the princesses are initially treating her is really common and painful for folks with autism, but we don't see it shown this way on the screen very much.

We binged all of She-Ra S5 last night. It was incredible, I'm so happy with how that show turned out.

Property wrappers w/ DynamicProperty are React Hooks for SwiftUI.

ADHD is brutal. My interest in Animal Crossing suddenly fizzled a week or two ago. I don't know why, but I feel shame about that, like I owe it something just for having purchased it.

I ordered a new 13in MacBook Pro, consider it my 30th birthday present. Been waiting for this ever since they released the 16in one.

Oh no, Apple finally updated the 13in MacBook Pro, so now I need to actually make a buying decision.

Apparently my new pet project is to port Relay to Swift/SwiftUI.

I wonder if SwiftUI has gotten good enough in the past few months to not make me incredibly frustrated trying to use it. Downloaded Xcode 11.4 to find out.