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Matt Moriarity

November 2020

I bought the Matt Groening house. It came fully furnished.

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I finished Kiryu's saga, all seven games of it, and I've moved on to Yakuza: Like a Dragon. I didn't expect to take to Ichiban so quickly, but he's such a nerd and I love him to bits.

Just started Mass Effect 3 this morning and I had forgotten about our new absolutely jacked boy we get in this one.

Brands, you're only allowed to change your icon to a rainbow if you also provide receipts of you giving a shitload of money to queer people.

I took on too big a clean up project and now my floor is covered in old electronics.

I'm on PTO for the next two weeks! Very excited to do anything but work for a little while.

This gets at the most ridiculous part of this Basecamp thing. Both Basecamp and HEY are products that facilitate people communicating, which means political issues are deeply important to the product.

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Colorado now has COVID vaccines open to the general public but it looks like there aren't any appointments available anywhere near me. Guess I'll have to keep trying.

The PS5 arrived today! I didn't even realize it had shipped yet, but here it is!

I managed to order a PS5 finally! I'm so nervous GameStop is gonna cancel it or something, but hopefully this is it.

I don't really do the evening binges, but the rest of these are definitely a big part of my relationship with food.

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Who in recruiting did I anger that caused them to schedule me to do an interview at 9am Monday morning?

(It was probably an automated system but there's nothing funny about that)

I'm content to live in fear of the oven. It has burned me on several occasions.

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I need to remind everyone that the Celeste soundtrack (by Lena Raine) is incredibly good and makes me weepy every time I listen to it.

I thought I was free from election calls and texts, but no. I have a GA phone number, so even though I don't live there anymore, I'm now getting a bunch of stuff about the runoffs that I definitely can't vote in.

Urbosa's weak point smash in Age of Calamity is so good, makes me happy every time I get to use it.

Cool I see Lambda School is at it again. Please don't work for free, and companies, always pay for labor.

Paid labor is already exploitative enough, don't make it worse by taking away the money.

It's trans awareness week so I would like all my trans friends to be aware how rad they are.

Leaving a comment on a design document at work and I almost wrote "shart" instead of "shard."

Lol why would I be friends with people who were happy about electing Trump?

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I don't know what's going to happen with the presidential election, but I sure am happy to see so many trans folks getting elected into office. That's pretty kick-ass!

Last night I got to share the Tom Holland "Umbrella" performance with someone who'd never seen it. That was a very joyful experience.