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Matt Moriarity

February 2021

I hope they're making a Switch remake for Oracle of Seasons/Ages like they did for Link's Awakening. I would buy that in a heartbeat!

I really enjoyed AoC's puzzle for day 16 this year. Doing a bunch of pattern matching in Elixir to decode binary data is fun, really happy with the solution I ended up with.

The dog is sleeping on my lap, so I'm pinned to the couch. There are worse ways to be.

Once again, I got a new PB for Lost Judgment in today's stream: 2:55:27, under 3 hours for the first time!

It seems that not having to go to work anymore does not make me immune to migraines.

Got a new PB for the Lost Judgment speedrun while streaming on Tuesday: 3:08:51! Thanks to the folks who were hanging out for this, it was really fun. I'm planning to stream more attempts soon, including at least one this weekend, so look out for that if you're interested.

This week is my last week working at Stripe. I'm really gonna miss all the great people I've gotten to work with, but I'm long overdue for some rest. Not sure what comes next, I'll figure that out later.

Yesterday, I did my first attempt at a Lost Judgment Any% speedrun. Under 4 hours was my goal, and I came in just under that, so I'm pretty happy! Lots of room here to improve.

If I ever start a company, we'll use Slack but there'll be no work talk allowed in there, only shitposting.

Scraping Prometheus metrics with Nomad and Consul Connect

Consul Connect is a great way to set up a service mesh, but because it protects services with mutual TLS behind a proxy, it's not immediately clear how to use Prometheus to scrape metrics from services in the mesh. Let's go through exactly what you need to do to expose your service's metrics while keeping the rest of your service protected, and then we can see what you need to do to get Prometheus scraping your instances.

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Work today is pushing the limits of my understanding of IP networking. Shit is not working and I have no idea why.

It's just a coincidence that Notion is down two days after I moved Relay.swift's docs off of them, right?

My WebAuthn Vault plugin is working! Registering both TouchID and my YubiKey works, and I can use them to get a Vault token. This is so rad.

Uh oh, looks like I might have tricked myself into writing a WebAuthn auth plugin for Vault.