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May 2018

He’s chewing on a lollipop 🍭, the stick fell off before I could grab the camera.

Framework owners: if you provide some super useful mechanism to devs using your framework, and that mechanism uses external state, you owe it to your devs to provide a story for testing code that uses it. I should write a more long-form thing about this.

I use iTerm2 in fullscreen all the time, and I just discovered I could move the tab bar to the bottom of the screen. Now I don’t accidentally show the menu bar when I try to click to another tab! Sharing in case anyone else might be helped by this.

Somebody help me, I’m having to install scanner drivers and Adobe Reader to do a banking thing. I’m living in the darkest timeline.

I’m giving Readdle’s Spark email client a try on both my phone and Mac. Liking it so far, especially the integration with OmniFocus.

Oh no I forgot Westworld was last night. Now I need to ignore the internet until I have a chance to watch it today.

There’s a hit of dopamine in your brain when you finally figure out a really good abstraction for some code that’s been making things difficult for you.

Oh god no this thing where people are looking at 2008 Twitter is not good for me I WAS STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL THEN

I’m really behind on Twitter right now, and I’m having a pretty good day today. I think those two things might be related.

When you call Nintendo’s support line, the hold music is apparently the Ocarina of Time music for Hyrule Field. This is the most delightful hold experience!

It is way too late in the day for Ruby’s require to not be doing what I expect, but only in my specs.

It would probably be good if we stopped making new female AI voice assistants. Really need to stop perpetuating the idea that only women could be in a serving role.

I made a really good pot roast in the slow cooker yesterday and I’m very proud of it.

I started playing Skyrim again. It seems five years is long enough time away that I can enjoy it again!

Are there any Ruby libraries for creating CLI tools that explicitly consider and encourage testability? I think this is an important interface layer to test, and it often gets overlooked because it’s “hard.”

Two weeks ‘till WWDC. Three weeks ‘till new job. This is an exciting time. I’m full of anticipation!

Apple could do nothing for iOS 12 except give Mail a share sheet button and I would be happy.

I recently made a “Public Keys” note in Apple Notes so I don’t have to be at any particular machine of mine to give it access to a server. I wish I had done this a long time ago.

Fun fact: Travis CI will be the smallest company (in number of employees) that I’ve ever worked for.

Folks have asked me what I’m going to be working on going forward. I’m excited to tell you that in a few weeks, I’ll be joining the team at Travis CI, working on macOS and iOS build infrastructure!

My dogs are playing tug of war with a toy fox and it is my favorite thing. Now Bailey has won and taken her prize to her crate, hoping to make Copper jealous.

I started watching Brooklyn 99 because the Internet wouldn’t shut up about it in the two days it was canceled. This was one of my better decisions.

A friend is finishing grad school, so we did an Escape the Room challenge last night to celebrate. The eight of us finished the puzzles with only 27 seconds left! It was exhilarating, way more fun than I expected.

Tomorrow, I’m trying out a local coworking space that’s down the street from my house. I wonder how it will compare to both working from home and working from the office. I’m not officially working yet, so I’ll just do side project stuff while I’m there.

Holy dang, that episode of Westworld was my JAM. I’ve been a little unsure about whether I was into S2, but this is what I’m looking for.

It’s only 1:30 and I’ve already finished today’s todo list.

Strongly considering trying to learn type theory just so I know what people mean when they talk about stuff like “existentials.”

Since my days are more wide open for now, I’ve been making a point to decide the night before what is important for me to do the next day. It’s been pretty helpful at keeping me focused on whatever I want to do (it can even be fun things).

I’ve been wondering why I haven’t really had the energy to use my time off work to the fullest. Turns out I was getting sick, which is both comforting and really irritating.

I watched Black Panther again on the plane yesterday, and I’m happy to find that I still think that movie is outstanding. Wakanda is definitely the most interesting setting in the MCU.

We played a few days worth of Stardew Valley beta multiplayer last night. It was so fun! There’s still some bugs, but it’s really cool to be able to work together on our pretend little farm.

Landed back in Austin. Now nobody make me get on a plane for a while!

An unfortunate part of leaving Apple at this time is that I won’t be at WWDC this year, unlike the last four years. Hopefully I’ll win the ticket lottery next year!

How do you come up with clever names for your software projects?

I didn’t realize that Dream Daddy had such good writing! If you think it sounds silly, trust me, this is worth your time.

Big news! After four years of awesome work, tomorrow is my last day at Apple. I’ve had a great time working on Apple’s developer tools, and I’m excited for what comes next. Stay tuned for updates on my adventures in software engineering!

Found this picture of Copper from a year ago, and it might be the best picture I’ve ever taken.

I would really like to see more blog posts and articles that are just about Ruby development rather than being just for Rails. Ruby is a great language for all kinds of things, not just web apps!

I’ve been making a conscious effort to follow more women on Twitter. I’ve mostly done this just by following the handles as I see others mention them in my timeline. It’s pretty easy, and it helps me diversify the perspectives I see in my timeline.

I really enjoying writing scripts to automate the tedious parts of my work. Being able to quickly cook up something in either Ruby or Bash and then never think about it again is really nice.

I started the morning playing Jonathan Coulton’s “First of May.” Our houseguests weren’t nearly as amused as I was.

I just found out my favorite barber doesn’t work at the barbershop anymore and now I have no idea what to do about my ridiculous hair.

Started today off with some Tacodeli with friends. A pretty good way to start the day.