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April 2019

Super fun to wake up with a migraine on day 2 of DevOpsDays. I’m toughing it out as best I can.

On train to DevOpsDays Rockies. Looking forward to hanging out and seeing some cool talks from local DevOps folks!

It’s been like half an hour since we finished watching Game of Thrones and my chest is just as tight from the tension as when it ended. I have no idea how I’m planning to fall asleep tonight.

Overcast’s new clip sharing feature is very good. It really feels like this is breaking through what is hard about sharing podcasts.

A nesting robin (I think) right by our back door. She just stares at us.

I really want to use the Node Honeycomb beeline to understand what’s going on in my Micropub endpoint, but it seems like it’s really broken around async/await on Node 8. It can’t keep track of the context at all, drops data/events consistently.

Uploading Media with Git LFS

When I started using Netlify and Gatsby for this site, I had to decide where to store media content that goes along with the site (mostly photos and other images). I could have just stored it in Git with the rest of the content and simplified my life a bit, but then I would be worrying about bloating up my Git repository with binary files. This can be an issue as a repository grows, since cloning a Git repository pulls down all of the history, even for files that were deleted in the current branch. So instead, I started storing media content in Git LFS using Netlify Large Media.

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Sometimes I wish my site had something like global Markdown footnotes: tags for commonly used links across the site that I can reference in individual posts with digging up the link.

Turns out this is the best night to go see Captain Marvel in a completely empty theater.

Can you add a Netlify webhook that points to your own site’s Netlify lambda function? I suspect that would work.

I’ve been reimplementing basic Git LFS functionality in JavaScript and wondering where my life went wrong.

I went to grab a LaCroix from the fridge and didn’t realize until I took two sips that I had actually grabbed a beer.

I tried to play Bloodborne today. I haven’t gotten too far: I’m very bad at it. But we did make Stanos, the unholy genetic combo of Thanos and Stan Lee. So that’s fun.

I added a reading list page to my website. I’m going to try to keep it up to date with what I’m reading and planning to read. I think it’s cool to have a timeline of this motivating me to read more.

Ordered some sweet Gatsby swag from their store the other day. Excited for it to get here! Sad they were out of the socks, which look awesome, though.

If Marzipan gets me a macOS Messages app with feature parity with the iOS version, I’m all for it! That would be enough.

Every Slack workspace needs a #dogs channel. It should be there by default tbh.

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Just diagnosed an issue with the WiFi router where the 2.4GHz network was down, but 5GHz was fine. So the printer and the thermostat couldn’t connect but everything else was fine. No idea how it got messed up that way; the router just got misconfigured somehow.

I think I might be incapable of going to sleep at a time that would actually feel good the next day. My brain apparently starts churning at 10:30 and won’t stop wanting to do things.

Jack is considering taking away literally the only remaining good thing about Twitter.

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Just finished watching The O.A. part 1, and I am so full of questions!

I have this urge to make more websites with Gatsby but I don’t have any real reason to do so.

I wonder if this year will be the year where I can resist installing the iOS beta on my phone.

Is there a central list of tech conferences that is indexed by location? I’d love to go to lots of local conferences (I don’t like traveling) but I’m not sure how to discover them other than organically.

I’m excited to be attending DevOpsDays Denver in two weeks! This will actually be the first tech conference I’ve been to where I wasn’t working, so I can actually just attend the event.

I set up Forestry.io as a CMS for my site. It’s very slick, and has very nice support for structured editing of my page content through its Front Matter Templates. Thanks to David Hollis for mentioning it to me (even though he doesn’t use the CMS).

I totally agree: the presence of dogs makes a workplace less inclusive. I have dogs, and love dogs, but a workplace needs to feel safe and comfortable for the people in it, and dogs can easily prevent that.

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Aunt Hilda is the best character on Sabrina and nobody can convince me otherwise.

I finally did it: all of Travis CI’s internal services for running macOS builds are running on Kubernetes.

I feel like doing some learning today. What are your favorite cloud or DevOps related talks?

This is pretty exciting. I’m looking forward to trying it.

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This makes me so mad because filing taxes is a huge source of stress for me (and surely many others) and it’s so unnecessary!

I nearly made a $15,000 error in my taxes this year! It shouldn’t even be possible to do that.

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Oh no I finished all the important work on the new website and now I don’t know what to do with myself.

I’m finally doing my taxes, so it’s that time of year to remember that it’s Intuit’s lobbying that has kept the tax code so complicated that you need TurboTax to be able to file your return.

I redid my website this past week using Gatsby and deploying to Netlify. It’s going to be much easier to iterate and improve on it now. I’m very excited about this change!

When do I get a tell-all story on why Westworld S2 was such a mess?

Has anyone tried combining Typography.js and Tailwind? Tailwind’s base styles (resets) cancel out Typography, but without them all the sizes for things are out of whack.

I spilled my coffee on my foot this morning so today is off to a real good start!

The fact that NPM is still hiring after laying people off says an awful lot. They need people, just not “those people.” 🙄

Just migrated from my own email server to FastMail. I probably should have done this a while ago.